Looking Back…

IMG_1473For 51 weeks, 357 days, 8568 hours, 514,080 minutes, 30,844,800 seconds, I have tried to look forward. Be positive. Strong. But the memories are smacking me in the face. One year ago we left for the trip of our dreams. 12 days of “happy time.” Together time. Family time. Hawaii. Beach. Sunshine. Sunsets. In a heartbeat, our lives changed.

One day before we left, I posted this on my FB wall. “Everyone will go through some hard times at some point. Life isn’t easy. Just something to think about..did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the ones who take care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the three hardest things to say are ‘I love you,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ and ‘help me?’ Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their smile to see how much pain they may be in. We all need positive intentions right now. Give a moment of support to all of those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just needs to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune.” Strange when I think about what was in front of me. Was this a premonition? Was I subconsciously preparing myself for the nightmare I would face 9 days later? While I know there is no “truth,” I can’t help but seek it. While I know not to search for “whys,” I can’t help but look for answers.  IMG_1246

On that same day 6 years ago, I wrote: “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. We have 86,400 seconds today – why not use one of those to say “thank you” to someone we love?” These were all lessons to myself. Reminders when I got stuck. Took Gregger for granted. My kids. My friends. My family. As the “anniversary” edges closer, I just want to say “thank you, Gregger.” Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving our family. Thank you for giving us a beautiful life. A life for us to share together. A place to grow. Become better people. And learn. About each other. I am courageous because of you. You are my heart. You are my soul. Your arms comfort me. Awake. Asleep. I feel your presence. Life was not always easy. But that’s okay. Life is not about being easy. You made my dreams come true. You were my prince charming. And always will be. If I could have just one more day, there are so many things I would say and do. I would wrap you in my arms and never let you go. I would tell you over and over, “I love you. I am so grateful for you. I was blessed the day I met you. And I was blessed for a lifetime.” I would hold your hand so tight it would hurt. And I would not let you walk into that water…

never let them go

Mikki Eveloff

I am certainly no princess, but I did marry my Prince Charming. We had the once upon a time and the “almost” happily ever after until August 30th, 2014 when my Prince Gregger died tragically on the beach in Maui. I believe in fairytales. I believe in fate. I believe that “everything happens for a reason.” We planned a lifetime together…75 years to be exact. Someone or something changed our plans and gave us a new “ever after.” So here I am. I am still a wife, but now they call me a widow. I am a mom and grandma…three children, two in-laws, and two grandchildren. Life has changed and it’s time to move forward. It doesn’t stop, it keeps on going, so I do too. It’s my choice. Be happy, be grateful. It’s the only choice. I have a treasure trove of memories to share..it’s how I keep the happily ever after alive. A True Love Fairytale is 40 years of memories…it’s the essence of our happily ever after. It’s the imperfections of our perfect marriage. And it’s what makes today beautiful.

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