8 Years

8 years.  “When we lose someone we love, we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind.” In that moment life changes. 8 years. 96 months, 35,040 days, 840,960 hours, 50,457,600 minutes, 3 billion seconds. Somedays it seems like a minute ago. Somedays it seems like forever. Yet. The facts remain. You’re gone. Forever. Death changed me. The loss. The pain. Death forced me to face my toughest choices. I spent 40 years of my life envisioning my whole future with you. We were going to grow old together. Plans. Build memories. In a flash they were gone. And I had to choose. Fall apart. Or be better. Find the strength. To keep going.  What do I miss Read more [...]

Happy 68th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Greg! 68 Years! Another “should have been.” As I thought about what to write the words got “tangled.” What can I say that hasn’t been said? You aren’t here today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate your life and all of our wonderful memories! Today is yours! So why not celebrate everything EVERYONE loved about YOU! Kindness, generosity, compassion, loyalty, honesty, and love. The admirable traits that encompassed your being. The twinkle in your eye and your infectious smile welcomed anyone who crossed paths with you. Once a friend, always a friend. What a gift. Today I’d like others to share your gift. Commemorate your birthday with random acts of kindness! Read more [...]

46 Years!

Dear Greg…Happy 46 years! Another one of those “should’ve” moments. “Little by little, we let go of loss, but never of love.” This, like all the other 7 anniversaries, is worthy of celebration. Our day. You. Me. Together. Forever. “Til death do us part…” “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” When I began writing (over 7 years ago) I told the story of our “once upon a time.” We believed we’d grow old together. Celebrate 75 years! Enjoy our “happily ever after.” That ended on the fated day, August 30th, 2014. Though the fairytale ended and it wasn’t the happily ever after of my dreams, you will always be my prince charming. I will remember Read more [...]

Year 7

What does grief look like after seven years? 7 years. 84 months. 30,660 days. 1,839,600 hours. 110,376,000 minutes. 6,622,560,000 seconds. Heartache. Tears. Pain. Tears. Loneliness. Tears. I wish I could say it’s “easier.” Different. But it’s not. A tough year. No reason. Nothing particular. Just tough. I want Greg back. That will never be. In my mind. I know. Reality. In my heart. I beg to differ. My heart feels empty. Yes. I am blessed. Amazing kids. Beautiful grandkids. Blessings. All.  Undeniable love. Love I am forever grateful to hold. But. Not the same. I feel broken. Seven years Signs. Surround me. White butterflies. Clouds. Music. Hummingbird. Just one. Visits daily. Flies Read more [...]

Happy 67th Birthday Greg!

Dear Greg, Happy 67! This is the day we celebrate you. And every year I’m reminded of another celebration  without you. Another 365 days gone. And you weren’t here. It sucks. Sometimes more than others. This is one of those “others.” Maybe it’s the pandemic. The turbulent, chaotic society. The endlessness. Uncertainty. I don’t know. But it’s hard. Days like these are even harder. "Grief changes shape, but it never ends.” I live. I smile. I laugh. But my soul is empty. And it hurts. This is my truth for now. Some days I’m ok. Others I’m not. I just want you here. To hold my hand. Watch silly TV. Talk. Or sit in silence. I’d even take a good snore. But. That’s not happening. Read more [...]

Happy 45th Anniversary!!

Dear Greg, 45 YEARS!!! 45 freaking years! We should be celebrating the hell out of those years. Our love. Our life. Even with this crazy pandemic it would have been AMAZING! How do I know? Because our needs were simple. It just took two. US. You plus Me. No fancy dinners. Trips. Glitz or glamour. Just us.  Happy. Hanging. You in your boxers and Birkenstocks. Me in my baggy sweats! Bring on the Jamesons. A glass of wine. Chips for you. Veggies for me. Cheers to love. Cheers to us. Cheers to many, many more years together. 75 years. Right? Wrong. God had other plans. We were cut short. Life ended. And so did we. 7 years of celebrating. Alone. Remembering what was. And what will never be. But. Read more [...]
Bling It On Design

When Life Gives You Lemons, “Bling It!”

2020 has been a year of challenges. A basket full of “lemons.” Life as we knew it came to a grinding halt. We adjusted. Readjusted. Managed. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months. Nothing changed. But time kept going. More “lemons.” Fires. Social injustice. Hurricanes. Loss. And more loss. We needed SOMETHING. Something to fill the empty spaces. To bring joy.  The upside. Getting to spend EVERY DAY with my daughter, Ashley; hubby, Tyler, and my two beautiful grandchildren, Cruz and Willow, since this craziness began in March. Blessed Mimi. No doubt. Walks, kids play, puzzles and more. We filled six to eight hours a day for nearly eight months. But. We needed more. Urged on by the Read more [...]

Year 6

6 years, 72 months, 2190 days, 52,560 hours, 3,153,600 minutes, 189,215,800 seconds since you’ve been gone…and it still seems like yesterday. August. Ugh. The calendar turns over and so do my nerves. But it’s there. The month. And it’s full of anticipation. Reliving the moments. The joy. The laughter. Family. Together time. And then. Gone. Over. Life changed. In. A. Moment. Life doesn’t give you do overs. We all learned that. We were left standing. Empty handed. Empty hearted. We still are.  I write this tribute to Greg every year. Honor his memory. The words flow. Easy. From my heart. 2020? So different. My feelings? The same. Melancholy. Heavyhearted. Nostalgic. But. So are hundreds Read more [...]

Happy Father’s Day 2020!

Happy Father’s Day Greg! Five Father’s Days, six years without you. It never gets easier. As each holiday rolls around I find myself in a state of melancholy. It washes over me. Encompasses my being. Uncontrollable. I don’t realize it’s happening. But. The calendar reminds me. You. Should be here. Celebrating. Your family. Kids. Grandkids. We. Should be celebrating. Together. I’m sad for what you’ve missed. The joy. The laughter. Their love. Smiles. The milestones. The way they make every day better. Especially when life seems to suck.  These are hard times right now. As much as I want you here, I don’t. The pandemic. Economic hardships. Police brutality. Riots. America in crisis. Read more [...]

The “Should Have Been” 66

Dear Greg, Today is another of those “should have been” celebrations. Your 66th birthday!  Six birthdays. Without you. Six birthdays trying to figure out how to keep celebrating when sometimes celebrating is the last thing I want to do. This is one of those times. It’s been a rough week. The world was reminded of the fragility of life. It touched so close to home. A superstar, his child and seven others with families and loves lost their lives. In a moment. A flash. And the world mourned. What began as an ordinary day ended in tragedy. And no one gets it. They shake their heads. Question. Why? How could this happen? Unfortunately. It does. And as truly awful as it is it happened to Read more [...]