The Letter - A true love fairytale

The Letter

I was the writer in the family. But on the Hallmark occasions Gregger came through. Always two.. one, mushy, sweet, romantic and another, goofy with sexual inuendos. No complaints...I knew too many people who came up empty-handed. Signed with special messages of love, I saved just about every one. Boxes and boxes of all cards and letters dating back forty years. We were Hallmark's dream couple. Digging through my closet today I discovered a different kind of Love Letter from the Gregger...this wasn't covered in flowers or caricatures with sexy was a Family Love Letter for A Time of Confusion. I don't ever remember seeing this letter, although I have vague memories of discussing Read more [...]
The Fourth Child - A True Love Fairytale

Our Fourth Child T.C.

      Gregger and I were blessed with three beautiful children, Adam, Ryan, and Ashley, two in-laws, Katrina and Tyler, and two adorable grandchildren, Jacob and Liliana. This was the crux of our family and in forty years together we had our share of love, traumas, aggravation, and more love. In addition to this blessed family, we had a fourth child...T.C. Gregger had so much love and passion for this child. He nurtured it, "fed" it, watched it tumble, grow, and eventually become nationally recognized for outstanding achievements. While I was extremely proud of T.C., I often experienced jealousy, annoyance, and resentment. How could I possibly feel that way for a child Read more [...]