Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?

What is a hero? Through the eyes of a child, it may be the Supermans, Spidermans, and Batmans who save the planet, the superhero with super powers. To others it might be a friendly stranger, a brother, sister, mom or dad.  A hero makes this world a better place. Their statement may be big or small, but their impact is unspeakable. Gregger was my hero. Would he be described as heroic by typical standards? Maybe not. But to me, he was a hero. He was courageous, good-hearted, generous, a survivor, and he ALWAYS put everyone else's wellbeing above his own. He "saved" me in so many ways. He helped me discover the true me. He encouraged me to believe in myself. He gave me the strength to deal with Read more [...]
The Handyman

The Handyman

For forty years Gregger tried his best to be the fix-it man. He carried his handy tool kit around the house as if he knew what the hell he was doing, when, in reality, he didn't have a clue. I just stood idly by, cheering him on, all the while whispering, "Call THE GUY!" Whether it was a clogged toilet, paint job, tile repair, or something more complex, he thought he could do it all. He would schlepp back and forth to Home Depot, venturing up and down the aisles, jabbering with the employees, sure to achieve the perfect result. In the end, sometimes he won, and other times...well, he called THE GUY! Now I've been left with the handy tool kit in hand. Gregger's got to be chuckling at my inept Read more [...]

Here Come The Suns

The sun is setting early this year for the Phoenix Suns. The final home game of the season - no playoffs and a long, hot summer.  The Gregger would have been disappointed, as am I, but faithful fans we'll always be. Our loyalty began way back in the early '80's at Veteran's Colliseum when we could hang our legs over the empty seats, relax and enjoy the likes of Dennis Johnson, Alvan Adams, and Walter Davis. Gregger had a close affiliation with the team, dressing the announcers, and  later the coaches, so our boys had the opportunity to grow up sitting on the bench next to such players as Curt Rambis and Steve Kerr. Our Suns loyalty never wavered. We loved them win or lose. There were so many Read more [...]
The Suite Case - A True Love Fairytale

The Suitcase

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he packs his clothes. Percentage weighs heavily on the side of women packing for their men, whether it be that men don't want to be bothered or they just don't know how. In my case, the Gregger was clearly the BETTER PACKER! In fact, he was OCD meticulous! Packing for a trip in this house could literally lead to World War III. Our big issue...I was "check-in" and he was "carry on!"  To the Gregger, packing was an architechural or engineering project using every dimension of the smallest proportion to get as much as possible into the smallest space. On the other hand, I was totally inept when it came to packing. No matter how hard I tried to limit myself, Read more [...]
Luck of the irish - A True Love Fairytale

True Luck ‘o the Irish

We were never big on St. Paddy's Day. It was just one of those holidays that kind of passed us by in the middle of March. If it crossed our minds, we wore green to avoid being pinched, but that was the extent of our participation. B.K. (before kids) I think we did our share of partying with the gang, and I remember a very unsuccessful attempt at corned beef and cabbage! The butcher mistakenly gave me a brisket (somehow realizing I was Jewish?) but we were expecting this Irish delicacy that turned into disaster! In later years Gregger celebrated with a smooth glass of Irish Jameson whisky. What better excuse to cheers to good old St. Paddy. But suddenly even this holiday is so different. Every Read more [...]
The Letter - A true love fairytale

The Letter

I was the writer in the family. But on the Hallmark occasions Gregger came through. Always two.. one, mushy, sweet, romantic and another, goofy with sexual inuendos. No complaints...I knew too many people who came up empty-handed. Signed with special messages of love, I saved just about every one. Boxes and boxes of all cards and letters dating back forty years. We were Hallmark's dream couple. Digging through my closet today I discovered a different kind of Love Letter from the Gregger...this wasn't covered in flowers or caricatures with sexy bodies...it was a Family Love Letter for A Time of Confusion. I don't ever remember seeing this letter, although I have vague memories of discussing Read more [...]
The Fourth Child - A True Love Fairytale

Our Fourth Child T.C.

      Gregger and I were blessed with three beautiful children, Adam, Ryan, and Ashley, two in-laws, Katrina and Tyler, and two adorable grandchildren, Jacob and Liliana. This was the crux of our family and in forty years together we had our share of love, traumas, aggravation, and more love. In addition to this blessed family, we had a fourth child...T.C. Gregger had so much love and passion for this child. He nurtured it, "fed" it, watched it tumble, grow, and eventually become nationally recognized for outstanding achievements. While I was extremely proud of T.C., I often experienced jealousy, annoyance, and resentment. How could I possibly feel that way for a child Read more [...]
chip chip hooray - a true love fairytale

Chip, Chip Hooray!

So February 24th was National Tortilla Chip Day...I discovered almost every food is worthy of it's own National celebration day, but National Tortilla Chip Day, this one would probably make Gregger smile more than his birthday, our anniversary or the birth of his children! Tortilla chips - even on his worst day, these would make that man smile! Round or triangulated, slightly salty, crunchy, crispy...simply irresistible! Every night the bag awaited him accompanied by his favorite salsa...sometimes chunky, sometimes smooth...sometimes mango mixed or black bean and corn. He munched and we caught up on the events of the day...his work, my "whatever." A night without chips was a day unfulfilled. Read more [...]
the smile - atrue love fairytale

The Smile

Smile, though your heart is aching Smile, even though it's breaking When there are clouds in the sky You'll get by... If you smile Through your fear and sorrow Smile and maybe tomorrow You'll find that life is still worthwhile If you just smile...Because of his smile, he made my life more beautiful. Gregger had the greatest smile...tooth-bearing, eye-twinkling grin...seriously, his smile just melted my heart. Even in the worst of times (I could be seething mad at him!), he would tug at the corners of his mouth, contorting them to a smug boyish grin, until I could no longer contain my rage...I mellowed from ranting rage to nearly quiet calm.If Gregger smiled at you, he touched your heart. His Read more [...]