letter to myself

A Letter to Myself

I read a letter that Pete Sampras wrote to his "16-year-old younger self" the other day. He talks about how his life is just beginning, the difficulties he's going to face, the triumphs, the defeats, the rewards, and the appreciation of the journey. He reminds himself to "play hard but stay true to himself."  Reading this made me think about what I would say to myself as an innocent 19-year-old. Dear 19-year-old Mikki, You think you are heading to Washington University in the fall. Occupational Therapy program. Excited to be accepted. Anxious to start a new path. This is the right school. Third time's a charm! U of A. Bust! University of Missouri-St. Louis. UGH! Washington University. Here Read more [...]


Being a mom. The HARDEST job on the planet! While I wouldn't trade places with the top exec of any Fortune 500 company on the planet, being a mom requires all the grit, drive, motivation, sleep deprivation, and more to get to the top of the game. And just like any job, you start at the bottom and work your way to the top. You falter along the way. You stumble. Make mistakes. You're rewarded with LOVE. Make more mistakes. More LOVE. I was 25 years young when I became a mom for the first time. Loved being pregnant. Loved being a mom. My firstborn. A boy. I thought I knew it all. I was going to do everything the way I wanted. Certainly not the way anyone else told me to. Of course, it was the RIGHT Read more [...]
happy birthday

Happy Birthday

Heads up readers! I am doing my best to keep the positive spirit, head high, and super smile, but this is a TOUGH one! I have been trying to squash some incredible memories. I can’t stop the tears. Happy tears, sad tears, “I miss you so badly” tears. One of the GREATEST weeks of my life. My 60th birthday! A birthday I could barely believe I was celebrating. But leave it to Gregger. He made it over-the-top spectacular, never to be forgotten. As they say in the movies (well kind of), “Thank God we had 60!” One year ago. And in that short time, life changed. I want to go back. I want a redo. I want him here to celebrate. Gregger had a whirlwind trip in New York to make it home in time Read more [...]
the givers

The Givers

Gregger and I had a problem. And we fought about it. A lot. It was the silliest of problems, but we just couldn't seem to get past it. We were both GIVERS. Neither of us knew how to TAKE. So we fought over giving, giving, giving. It wasn't about giving things. It was about giving of ourselves. We both wanted to DO for the other. We wanted to do for the kids. We wanted to do for other people. We just didn't know when to stop. So sometimes it got in the way. We needed to take time, stop, and realize that we were TAKING time and energy away from each other by GIVING so much, too much. Knowing our birth order, it didn't always make sense. I was the oldest, Gregger the youngest. He should have been Read more [...]

Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow is my parent’s 54th wedding anniversary. Their marriage was always such an inspiration for me. When Gregger and I were going through some of our toughest times, I would spend time with parents to remind me what I wanted my life to look like in 50 years. It worked. Life wasn’t always easy for them. Is it ever? But they made it work. Five kids. Ten year span. Not a lot of time to be “just two.” But they did. Early bed times. Date nights. And when the nest was empty, they were ready. I watched. I learned. I’d slip, but I knew I’d always come back. We’d always come back. We’d be the ones to make it. Just like my parents did. They laughed. Had fun. Enjoyed being together. Read more [...]